my galleries  Things Beyond Our Control  Download the KML file showing the boundary of the Great Fire of San Francisco, 1906.
Two antique posters circa 1900 from Neuchatel Switzerland, help us find out more ... A WEBLOG, CommonPlaces Weather Movies: time-lapse movies of the changing weather in Neuchatel
Curses: I spit on Charles Hurwitz and Maxxam Inc. more ... Videos - Flights, resurected materials, slow, ambient, weird stuff ... Hanna Arendt - Preface to the First Edition of The Origins of Totalitarianism
A few essays on ADVERTIZING - a defining technology of the modern/post-modern age.
an excerpt from Ways of Seeing by John Berger. an excerpt from The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul. The ROZZ-TOX Manifesto by Gary Panter.
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